20201021 rekha sharma ncw
Rekha Sharma, chairperson of the National Commission for Women in India. Image Credit: Twitter

“Mahatma Gandhi could not be a gud father to his to his son how can we call him father of the nation @timesofindia reporting his son raped his own daughterSham”


“Wish this khap panchayat man’s family go through ‘simple rape’ and then I will ask him what to do”


“Priyanka Gandhi is my sister too, says at AAP’s Kumar VishwasDr just check if ur father is same we alrdy knew something is fishy”

The tweets above reveal a mind that is a cess-pit, threatening rape attacking other women and quite simply apart from the poor grammar and spelling, a mind wallowing in filth. This is Rekha Sharma chairperson of the National Commission for Women the apex body to protect women. Sharma has been appointed as the chair of this august body by Prime Minister Narendra Modi. Modi also follows her on Twitter.

Sharma’s views as expressed by her Twitter account are on par with any paid troll of the BJP troll army. After her tweets were published yesterday Sharma has deleted 338 tweets as she starts doing a clean-up of her Twitter. From 16,937 her tweet count is down to 16,599.

Sharma has blocked a huge number of people who expressed outrage on her bigoted views and protected her account.

This would be a first as a statutory government body chief blocking users and women who may be trying to bring issues to the notice of NCW. It is an open question if the government should restrict access to public accounts of people in distress seeking aid.

Sharma has been a hugely controversial figure during her tenure acting as a BJP worker rather than a women’s advocacy body.

Sharma met Maharashtra governor Bhagat Singh Koshiyari, ex-BJP leader, and discussed what she called the growing instances of “love jihad” yesterday. Koshiyari has even attracted censure from Amit Shah recently for taunting Uddhav Thackeray, Maharashtra Chief Minister if he had turned “secular”. Secularism is part of the Indian Constitution which governors swear allegiance to. Sources say Sharma was appointed by Modi despite her problematic takes because most BJP office bearers share them. The biggest example is Tejashwi Surya, BJP MP from Bengaluru south, who tweeted abuse to Arab women and was recently appointed as the BJP youth wing chief.

Sharma’s views have provoked huge anger on social media with tweets asking for her sacking trending, but as is almost a norm in the Modi government, no action will be taken and she will continue in her sinecure assignment. Pity distressed women.

Swati Chaturvedi, Special to Gulf News-1592296808900