Leopard attacks a sleeping dog 00121
Leopard attacks a sleeping dog. Image Credit: Screengrab

New Delhi: A video showing a stealthy leopard launching a surprise attack on a sleeping house dog has become viral.

The clip, posted by India Today, shows a CCTV footage from a camera trained on the main entrance of a house in India’s Amreli district in the state of Gujarat.

The video shows the big leopard savagely attacking the black dog by the neck.

In the 42-second clip, time-stamped at 2.17am on Sunday, September 29, a dog is shown sleeping at the doorstep of the house.

What appears to be an Asian leopard, meanwhile, stealthily crept in, quietly walking along the car port, towards the black dog.

In no time, the big wild cat pounced on the canine. In the ensuing melee, the dog screamed in fright and freed itself.

“The video is scary enough to curdle your blood,” the report stated.

The leopard, however, is unstoppable. It gave dog a chase while the latter attempted to escape.

In the video, uploaded on Sunday, October 13, it was not immediately known what happened to the dog.

The CCTV footage of the incident has since gone viral, with nearly 88,000 views on Monday.