Hyderabad: Mercury continues to rise and set new highs with each passing day amid the increasing fears that this is going to be the severest summer for Telangana in the recently memory.

A new record was created when the temperature in Hyderabad touched 41.2 degree Celsius on Friday, an unprecedented phenomenon for the early days of summer.

This is the first time that the temperature crossed 40 degrees in the third week of March. The earlier record was of March 23, 2010 when the highest temperature of 41.3 degrees was recorded.

People in the city were in for a shock as very hot winds hit them in the face as they ventured out around noon reminding them of the peak of the summer feeling in the month of May.

Meteorological Department officials said that this was just the beginning and the situation would be worse in the days to come as mercury would cointnue to rise.

Nizamabad, 150km away from here, was the second hottest place in the state with a temperature of 40.5 degree Celsius, again a record.

Y K Reddy, director, Met office in Hyderabad, said, “A temperature of above 41 degrees at this stage means that the summer this year is going to be very severe with temperature most of the days remaining in the range of 43-44 degrees.”

Summer of 2015 had proved very deadly with severe heatwave claiming more than 2,000 lives in the two Telugu states of Telangana and Andhra Pradesh.

Weather office officials compare this year’s weather with 1966 when the mercury had touched a high of 45 degree Celsius in the city.

In an indication of the gravity of the weather situation, Hyderabad was included in the ten hottest places of India by the private meteorological observer Skymet.

Experts say that the complete absence of weather cloud and lack of moisture in the air were making the heat more unbearable.