A view of Thiruvanathapuram, the capital city of the south Indian state Kerala. Image Credit: Gulf News

Thiruvananthapuram: Amid triple lockdown in Thiruvananthapuram, the Kerala Police on Monday issued a clarification urging citizens not to call police helpline for grocery and other items as they can purchase the same from local shops.

Police clarified that there has been some "confusion" with regards to the press release on the lockdown arrangements in Thiruvananthapuram, where facility was provided to the members of the public requiring emergency items, to contact the police helpline and the police would supply those essential items to the households. However, the service was to be issued only for those who were not in any position to come out of their homes.

"Routine and continuous calls are being received on all the police numbers, asking for all types of groceries to be supplied to the homes. The police departments have a very important responsibility of enforcing the lockdown and manage the security of the persons and their property. The intention of the police was to provide emergency medicines/ groceries to people who were in no position to come out," Kerala Police said in a statement.

"Police department cannot become an online supply chain company overnight. Thus, all members of the public are directed to visit their nearest local grocery shops and meet their grocery needs from there. They will carry "self-declaration" with them," the statement read.

All the online food supply firms have been directed to operate during this period to supply food to those who to whom they are providing food on a daily basis and the only exception will be to provide food to senior citizens staying alone, it added.

Moreover, the citizens can call at the helpline number 9497900999 in case of any special medical needs or emergency needs that cannot be met locally, for which suitable arrangements will be made for the supply of the same.