Suresh Gopi
Suresh Gopi. Image Credit: X@TheSureshGopi

Thrissur (Kerala): Actor-turned-politician Suresh Gopi has emerged victorious in the Thrissur Lok Sabha seat in Kerala, securing 412,338 votes. He defeated Sunil Kumar of the Communist Party of India, who finished second with 337,652 votes, and K. Muraleedharan of the Indian National Congress, who ended up in third place with 328,124 votes.

"What was very impossible became gloriously possible," said the actor who contested from the seat for the second time after losing in the last general elections in 2019.

Gopi said he "bowed down to" the "truly secular voters" of Thrissur, adding that there were attempts to "corrupt" the voters' mind away from the BJP but the Gods "led them in the correct path".

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"Attempts were made to mislead the voters but God led them on the correct path to accept my party through me ...even if some of you feel that this is a miracle, this miracle was imminent...The victory is due to people's blessings. I bow down to the truly secular voters of Thrissur who made this victory possible," the actor said.

He further said that "...Narendra Modi is my political God. ..I am not believing in just a manifesto...I will work for the whole Kerala...I will work as Kerala MP..."

The 65-year-old actor said, " I am in totally an ecstatic mood. What was very impossible became gloriously was not a 62-day campaign process, it was an emotional carriage for the past 7 years...I work for Kerala as a whole. My first pick will be to have AIIMS..."

Gopi also credited his victory to the BJP workers who worked in his election campaign.

"I also credit my party workers who worked in more than a thousand booths in the constituency. A lot of mothers and sisters from other districts and states also worked for me. Many of them came from Mumbai, Madhya Pradesh and Delhi. Their effort made a positive impact," he said.