New Delhi: A woman has accused her husband and his father of secretly filming her in bed and threatening to post the video on an internet pornography site unless her family paid them a larger dowry, a newspaper reported on Thursday.

The husband threatened to exploit footage from a hidden camera fixed in the bedroom in his bid to bring pressure on his in-laws to cough up Rs8 million (Dh726,122) in dowry, the Mail Today newspaper reported.

The bride's family had already given the groom's family some Rs400,000 worth of jewellery, the paper said.

Identities withheld

The husband and his father were arrested but later released on bail, the paper said, quoting court documents. The names of those involved were not printed and police could not immediately confirm the newspaper's account.

Despite being illegal, the paying of large dowries is a common occurrence in India, and there are frequent cases of brides being harassed to armtwist their families to pay bigger sums.