India: Official trolled for claiming cow dung is “anti-radiation”
India: Official trolled for claiming cow dung is “anti-radiation” Image Credit: Twitter/ANI

Yesterday, an official in India unveiled a “chip” made of cow dung, claiming that it reduces radiation from mobile handsets significantly. Rashtriya Kamdhenu Aayog (RKA) chairman Vallabhbhai Kathiria’s claim that cow dung is “anti-radiation”, sparked debate on Twitter in India today.

The RKA comes under India’s Ministry of Fisheries, Animal Husbandry and Dairying, was established by the Centre on February 6, 2019. It's aim is the “conservation, protection, and development of cows and their progeny”, as was announced in the Union Budget 2019-20.

Speaking at the launch of a nationwide campaign aimed at promoting cow dung products, Kathiria said: “See, this is a radiation chip. You can keep it in your mobile. We have seen that if you keep this chip in your mobile, it reduces radiation significantly. If you want to avoid disease, then this is going to be used.”

The chip named Gausatva Kavach is manufactured by a Rajkot-based cattle shelter.

Referring to Bollywood actor Akshay Kumar’s recent remarks that he drinks cow urine every day for Ayurvedic reasons [hyperlink to our story], Kathiria added: “You must have heard a few days ago that actor Akshay Kumar… He has eaten cow dung. You can eat it. It’s medicine. But we have forgotten our science.”

He also added that the cattle protection body was starting research projects on the benefits of cow dung. “We want to have research on these subjects which we consider a myth,” Kathiria said.

Displaying other products manufactured using cow dung, the official added: “Cow dung is anti-radiation, it protects all... if you bring this home, your place will become radiation-free… All this has been approved by science.”

Apparently, when asked whether the chips are certified by a government laboratory, Kathiria said: “These are not certified but tested. It can be tested in any laboratory, even in a college.”

Many Indians took to Twitter to react.

Expressing disbelief @catcheronthesly posted a sarcastic comment: “Atomic Energy Ministry, Nuclear Power Corporation (NCP), cancer hospitals all please take note. Especially NPC should quickly take note and cut down on spending 100s of crores in building radiation shields with 100s of feet of doubly re-enforced concrete structures. All you need is a large cow-shed.”

Twitter user @yippeekiyay_dk commented: “Now all you have to do is to put a cow on turbines so that it can cover entire India.”

And, @zindagijhandbaa added: “India is the only country which is going back in the real-time.”