Gopikrishnan with his family
Gopikrishnan with his family Image Credit: Twitter

Paying tribute to the cricket captain of the Chennai-based IPL franchise, Chennai Super Kings, a 30-year-old man named Gopikrishnan, painted his house completely yellow commemorating it with the CSK’s logo and portraits of Dhoni all over.

His house in Cuddalore district from the Indian state of Tamil Nadu is now the centre of attention as people flock in huge numbers to take a look at the ‘yellow’ house. The words “#Home_of_Dhoni_Fan” welcome one to this house and pictures of Gopikrishnan with his father Rangasamy, two brothers and his two kids, all dressed in the CSK jersey, have gone viral on social media.

Taking cognisance of the heartfelt gesture, the 39-year-old cricketer, expressed his gratitude towards Gopikrishnan and his entire family for the sweet gesture in an IGTV video posted by the official Instagram handle of CSK.

“I saw it on Instagram. I think it’s a great gesture. At the same time, you can see that it’s not only about me. They’re the biggest fans of CSK as well,” Dhoni said in the video.

Lauding the efforts of the CSK fan, Dhoni added: “It is not something that can be done easily. You sit, you decide (the colour of the house)...the whole family needs to agree on that. This is something that would stay. This is not like an Instagram or a Twitter post where you post something and change it overnight. This is something that will stay.”

According to the Indian media outlets, Gopikrishnan spent Rs150,000 (Dh7,477) in getting his house painted in CSK hues. Talking to the media, Gopikrishnan said that he opted to paint his house in Super Kings colours to create positivity around the CSK fan base during these unprecedented times. The Dhoni fan had also expressed his disappointment for not being able to watch live matches at the stadium. Chennai Super Kings enjoy a massive fan base across the country since the inception of the IPL T20 league.