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An elderly couple died in the Indian state of Bihar, on Tuesday, after being lynched by a mob over suspicion of practising witchcraft. The shocking incident happened in a village in Jharkhand’s Ranchi district.

The victims, 55-year-old Birsi Oraon and her 75-year-old husband Mangra Oraon were residents of Rogadih-Patratoli village.

According to the police, Birsi was mentally unfit. She had a habit of walking out of the house suddenly, and her husband would assist her back each time.

On Tuesday, Bisri walked out of the house at 1am, and Mangra brought her back inside. She stepped out once again at 4am, but before her husband could reach to help her, a mob of superstitious locals attacked her and allegedly thrashed her to death, according to a police official.

When Mangra came looking for her, they didn’t spare him either.

Indian news media outlets have reported that the woman died on the spot due to the brutal attack.

In the morning, the couple’s son found his mother dead and father injured, a few blocks away from their home. With the help of the village head, he took Mangra to Rajendra Institute of Medical Sciences. But, Mangra succumbed to his injuries the same evening before cops could record his statement.

According to Indian news media reports, a case has been registered against more than 100 unidentified people for committing the crime.

Adding that such cases continued to happen despite regular anti-witch-hunt campaigns, Jharkhand Director General of Police (DGP) MV Rao was quoted as saying: “Beating up an elderly couple to death is a cruel act. Even though we have been carrying out campaigns against witch-hunting, there are some village dwellers, who are still superstitious.”