Video of migrants headed to Mizoram, helping Assam flood victims, goes viral
Video of migrants headed to Mizoram, helping Assam flood victims, goes viral Image Credit: Twitter

In a display of the “true spirit of humanity”, stranded migrant workers aboard a Sharmik Special train heading to the Indian state of Mizoram gave away their food to the flood victims of Assam, as they crossed the state.

A video tweeted by Mizoram Chief Minister Zoramthanga, on May 28, went viral.

“The following viral WhatsApp video is all about stranded Mizos on their way from Bangalore sharing their eatables along the railway track for flood affected people on their way to #Mizoram and, it just made my day!” the minister tweeted.

The 33-second-long video that shows migrant passengers travelling from Bengaluru city, giving away their food to Assam floods victims walking along the railway tracks, was shared by many others across different social media platforms.

Facebook user Emanuel Ralte, who shared the video on Facebook, wrote, “Our Mizo brothers, on their way from Bangalore help victims of Assam floods with little food they had with them.”

Reportedly, the migrants were stranded in Bengaluru during the nationwide lockdown, And, their generosity despite a limited supply of food for such trains, ferrying migrant workers, has earned them praise..

In the viral clip, an unidentified person is heard saying: “I feel so fortunate to help them.”

Tweep @Vangngaih replied: “A small act of love, a great example of living in a troubled world!”

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And, highlighting how communities and individuals are stepping up to help each other during trying times, tweep @KhushbooThakk20 posted: “Acts like this from such people like these and Sonu Sood, shows there is still humanity in Indian's left... Proud to be an Indian.”