Sonu Sood helping workers
Sonu Sood promises to help migrant workers living in a cement pipe in India Image Credit: Twitter

Bollywood actor Sonu Sood is being described as a real life “superhero” after his continuous efforts in helping migrant workers in India amidst the COVID-19 crisis. Most recently, a tweep shared a video of a migrant worker, his daughter and handicapped friend living in a cement pipe to which Sood immediately replied and reassured the group that they would be sent home.

Twitter user @yogitabhayana who describes herself as an activist shared a post on May 29 with a video and caption that read: “Sir, please take us home somehow, we have to live with the children, sitting in cement pipes outside the Bangalore station for the last five days with our two young innocent children and a disabled companion. […] Please help @srinivasiyc.”

The tweet was directed at the president of the Indian Youth Congress, Srinivas B V.

Sood quickly took notice of the post and responded on May 30: “Tomorrow you are going home my brother. First thing in the morning.”

In the clip, the labourer, sitting inside a cement pipe, next to a Bangalore railway station, is heard pleading to be sent home to his wife. He has his daughter and a disabled friend besides him. Tearing, the worker says: "We are in a lot of trouble. Brother please send us home. I want to spend my life with my children."

Soon after, several people replied to the video, tagging Sood in their posts.

Social media users have been lauding the actor for his efforts to rescue migrant workers who are suffering amidst the nationwide lockdown in the country.

Tweep @shobhittyagi11 shared a picture of the 46-year-old actor and wrote: “A real life super hero @SonuSood.”

Many of the poor labourers have been stranded in different parts of India without jobs, transportation and basic necessities.

Recently, Sood set up a toll free number for those in need.

Earlier, he organised multiple bus services for many stranded migrants workers heading to Uttar Pradesh, Karnataka, Jharkhand, and Bihar.

The actor also donated over 1,500 Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) kits to doctors across Punjab, India. Additionally, he reportedly opened his Mumbai hotel to accommodate healthcare workers amongst other initiatives.