A traveller walks through the Hong Kong International Airport in China on November 29, 2021. Image Credit: Bloomberg

Beijing: China is resuming visa-free entry for Singapore citizens from July 26, according to a post on the official WeChat account of the Chinese embassy in the city state.

The relaxation is for 15-day stays and applies to Singaporeans holding "ordinary passport who enter China for business, tourism, family visit and transit purposes," it said in the post.


The resumption comes more than three years after the Chinese government suspended the policy at the onset of the pandemic. The change will further bolster Singapore's status as having the world's most powerful passport, with the latest Henley Passport Index showing it topping Japan with 192 visa-free destinations.

China visas which have been issued to Singaporeans are still valid and visa applications already lodged "will be processed normally," according to the post.