Viral Instagram video proves kindness is still alive
Viral Instagram video proves kindness is still alive Image Credit: Instagram/@mdmotivator

What do you do if a stranger comes up to you and asks if you could buy them a piece of bread, because they left their wallet at home accidentally? In a social experiment video, Instagrammer Zachery Dereniwoski did just that, as he walked up to a barista at a café and told her that he wanted to get some bread, but he had forgotten his wallet at home. Her response? The barista kindly offered to pay for his food and coffee.

The December 7 video shared by Dereniwoski, who is a Canadian YouTuber, TikToker, and an Instagram star known for his mental health videos, proved how kindness and humanity were still alive.

The Instagram clip shows him asking Sonnia, the barista: “Excuse me… Question, I forgot my wallet at home, is there any chance I could like a piece of bread?”

Sonnia responded: “No problem, you just want something to eat? Would you like some coffee too? I will pay for it.”

When Dereniowski asked why she would do that, she replied: “We are human and we have to be nice to each other. We never know when I might see you on the road and you might be of help to me… we have to be kind to each other.”

In return, she asked Zachery to do something nice for someone else: “Pay it forward it’s called.”

However, Zachery pays it forward to Sonnia, by surprising her and gifting her $1000 (AED2689) as he thanks her for her kindness.

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The video that was shared with the caption “We have one blood,” resonated with over 3 million people.

Instagrammer @thetimingwizard replied: “This is called one act of random kindness. This can change the world if everyone does it. Do one good thing in a day… this will bring happiness to your soul.”

Those in the comment section, who had met or interacted with Sonnia in the past, took to the comments to say that she was a kind hearted person.

Commenter @mzubx, wrote: “She always helps me when I go to that … and I always walk away with a smile on my face because of her!”

Zachery who used to be a medical student in Sydeny, Australia, before 2020, does similar videos on social media highlighting people’s kindness. A clip of him offering “free hugs” has been viewed more than 51 million times.