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A 23-year-old Indian-origin woman living in the US was charged with attempt to murder after she gave birth to her baby while taking a shower, panicked, and tossed the baby out of the bathroom window. The condition of the baby is critical, and the mother is under arrest on charges of attempted murder, according to a US media report.

Apparently, Sabita Dookram, a resident of Queens in New York, threw the baby out of the window into an alley, the New York Post reported. Later on, instead of informing someone, Dookram cleaned the washroom, showered, and took a nap.

She told investigators: "I had a baby out of nowhere. I went to the bathroom, and the baby popped out of me. I didn't know what to do, I'm sorry. I panicked and threw it out of the bathroom window. I did not check on the baby. I put my clothes in the laundry hamper in the bathroom, I showered and went to sleep.”

Dookram added that she cut the umbilical cord herself, with a scissor in the bathroom.

Neighbours heard the cries of the infant, who survived the fall. Once they located the child, the neighbours informed the police and took the newborn to a nearby children's hospital in a critical condition.

Medical checkup showed that he had numerous injuries, including brain bleeding, swelling of his brain, skull fracture. He was immediately put on a ventilator at the hospital and is still on life support in critical condition.

Following the investigation, Dookram was charged with attempt to murder, the report said. Assistant District Attorney Melissa Kelly in the court argued for $50,000 (Dh183,650) bail for the suspect, noting that Dookram "is able to hold down a job."

"Meanwhile, she threw a full-term baby boy out of a window over five feet high [and left him] naked on the ground for several hours," Kelly added.

"She is able to do her laundry. She is able to clean the bathroom ... all while the child was crying,'' Kelly said. She added that authorities have video surveillance where the baby's wails are audible.

The prosecutor claimed that Dookram made "numerous contradictory statements" to cops to cover up her heinous crime.