US bride meets isolating grandmother of wedding day Image Credit: Facebook

A US bride is winning hearts online after she made sure that her grandmother, who was stranded at a nursing home due to the COVID-19 lockdown, was a part of her wedding day. The “heartwarming” video went viral on social media.

Shauna Varner, a resident of Minnesota, wanted her grandmother, Janis to be a part of her wedding, which took place on April 25. But with the lockdown, her grandmother could not leave the healthcare facility.

Varner and her groom Travis Scepaniak thought of an idea.

The couple went to the Country Manor Campus' Rapid Recovery and Aquatic Center in their wedding attires before walking down the aisle.

At the centre, Varner saw her grandmother and both had a heart-to-heart talk on the special day through a glass door.

Janis also dressed up for the occasion.

The Country Manor Campus shared the emotional video online. with the caption: "Though Shauna and Travis had much different plans for their April 25 wedding celebration, the couple decided COVID-19 was not going to stop them from becoming husband and wife. This beautiful bride had one request - her grandma Janis should be part of her big day."

“Janis is a patient at Country Manor’s Rapid Recovery and Aquatic Centre. When the staff heard about the story, they were determined to make it happen. A plan was created to allow for this once-in-lifetime moment to take place, while ensuring the safety of Janis and all involved. The staff helped Janis pick out the perfect outfit, and got her feeling her very best, as grandmothers should feel on their granddaughter’s wedding day. Before her granddaughter arrived to make her bridal debut, Janis said, 'The anticipation is killing me, I love that girl so much!' The moment Shauna stepped out of the car, the love radiated between them," the statement read.

In the video, Varner can be heard telling her grandmother that she is the first person to see them in their wedding outfits and the two can be seen blowing kisses to each other.

Janis also tells the bride that she is “beautiful” and that her “hair looks nice and everything looks nice.”

The family also took pictures together.

Social media users reacted to emotional video.

Facebook user Ellen Kooistra commented: “This is so sweet that they would come to visit Grama and make her part of their special day! Congratulations to the happy couple and your families! Your dress is beautiful and the groom looks pretty good too!”

Another user, Laura Ropp, wrote on Facebook: “How beautiful grandma could still participate! Love has no boundaries! Wonderful that the facility help make a dream come true! Congratulations!”

Higher risk

According to the World Health Organisation (WHO), people over 60 years of age are at the highest risk of death due to coronavirus.

The World Economic Forum explained why older people are susceptible to severe symptoms due to COVID-19: “Older people don't have as strong an immune system so they are more vulnerable to infectious disease. They’re also more likely to have conditions such as heart disease, lung disease, diabetes or kidney disease, which weaken their body’s ability to fight infectious disease.”