Nirav Shah
Dr Nirav Shah Image Credit: Facebook

Dubai: Indian origin Dr Nirav Shah, the director of the Center for Disease Control in Maine, a northeastern state in the United States of America, was honoured by candymaker, Wilbur's of Maine, with limited edition 'Shah Bars' for his work in curbing COVID-19 in the state. Shah has a Facebook group created in his honour, and social media users are applauding him for his effort.

The wrappers of the milk and dark chocolate bars has a photo of Shah with a map of Maine and a heart on them.

A twitter user@texasinafrica posted: "Wilbur's is selling chocolate bars honouring Maine CDC Director Dr Nirav Shah, who has done a fantastic job managing the pandemic here."

According to a news source, the firm has said that 10 per cent from the sales of "Shah Bars" will be donated to "Freeport Community Services Food Pantry", an organisation that provides free food to people in need. The bars come at $2.25 (Dh8.26) for a chocolate bar and pack of six for $13.50 (Dh50). The company has sold more than 3000 bars so far to raise $675 (Dh2480).

A Facebook user @Renee Powers posted: "I love this chocolate."

The company announced two new flavours for the Shah Bar collection - milk chocolate with almonds, and milk chocolate with crispies.

Tweep@tanvi_madan comments: "Great. Now desi [Indian] parents will not just say to their kids, "but you're not a doctor like so & so's kids." It'll be "but you're not a doctor & don't have chocolate bars named after you."

Shah has been earning praises for his calm, reassuring approach during his daily briefings. He has received widespread recognition for the handling of Covid-19 in the United States. Previously, he served as the Director of the Illinois Department of Health.