Registered Digital Communications Services Image Credit: Supplied

Dubai: Emirates Post has launched Registered Digital Communications Services that will allow public and private organisations as well as individuals to deliver “registered communications” by email, SMS or any web-based service with full legal admissibility.

Launched in partnership with technological services multinational brand,, “the system tracks and traces documents and verifies receipt with a certificate of delivery, a step up from traditional methods of registered notifications and documents delivery mechanisms. This development is aligned with the UAE’s move towards paperless operations,” Emirates Post announced on Tuesday.

Emirates Post said it will issue a digitally signed communications attestation certificate, in full compliance with UAE and international legal regulations and accredited by the Telecommunications Regulatory Authority, to be a valid “secure digital record” that can be used for commercial or legal purposes.

“These attestation certificates, which will be available to both senders and recipients, serve as a legal instrument to demonstrate ‘who’ sent and received the registered communication, ‘when’ the communication was legally sent and received, and ‘what’ was the original content of the communication,” Emirates Post explained.

No software needed

Emirates Post added: “These services do not require customers to deploy or install any hardware, software, or plug-ins; senders can subscribe to Emirates Post services and begin using them immediately. The registered messages will be sent to the recipients on their existing mobile devices and email accounts, with no additional account set-ups needed.”

The roll-out of the service will commence with registered email messages, registered SMS messages, registered digital documents delivery and registered e-statements and invoices, followed by registered contracts and agreements, registered data privacy consent services and additional onboarding services over the following months.

Abdulla M. Alashram, Group CEO of Emirates Post Group Company, said: “The introduction of this service is yet another step towards incorporating digitisation into our service and supporting the national agenda towards a smart government system. It simplified the process of delivering registered communications, with full legal authentication, for public and private sector organizations, without any extra investment in efficiencies.”