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L to R from clockwise: Ahmad Al Shirawi, Alia Al Suwaidi, Alia Rais, Amna Al Bastaki, Alyazia Bin Suwaidan and Alyazia Al Abdulla Image Credit:

Dubai: Fifty young Emiratis – aged between 18 to 28 – are making their mark in the field of arts and design, including graphic and multi-media arts, spatial design (interior, architecture, urban landscape), design management, and user interface/user experience (UI/UX) for apps and websites.

To highlight their works, the Dubai Future Foundation (DFF) and Palmwood, a design organisation, has issued a special guide showcasing their profiles. The publication also provides an overview of their specialisations and unique styles, as well as direct contact information.

DFF said the ‘50 Designers from Dubai’ guide will provide young Emiratis “with opportunities to cooperate with government and private sector entities in creative design, enhancing their contribution to positioning Dubai as one of the leading global destinations for creativity and innovation”.

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L to R from clockwise: Maitha Al Mazroei, Maitha Al Suwaidi, Mariam Al Nuaimi, Maryam Al Mazrooei, Maryam Al Mheiri, Matooka Al Rahma

It added: “The guide will also instill a culture of creativity and innovation among young Emiratis, inspire them to think outside the box, and translate their ideas into reality.”

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L to R from clockwise: Ayesha Bin Suroor, Fatima Al Mur, Fatma Al Mheiri, Ghaiia Al Suwaidi, Futaim Hussain, Fatma Al Quraishi

Driver for growth

Abdul Aziz Al Jaziri, deputy CEO and COO of DFF, said: “Creative design has emerged as a key driver for the growth of other future economic sectors. This trend reflects the importance of equipping young Emiratis with future skills and motivating them to leverage their creative abilities to design the future.”

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L to R from clockwise: Amna Samir, Ashwaq Al Mahri, Asma Al Marri, Ayesh Al Jaberi, Ayesha Al Hashmi, Ayesha Bin Haider

According to DFF, “excellent design spurs innovation, improves the consumer experience, boosts businesses growth, and increases profitability”.

Al Jaziri added: “It is important to provide young Emirati talents with capacity-building platforms to meet the growing need for creative ideas and innovative concepts that help advance the development of the creative landscape in Dubai and the wider UAE.”

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L to R from clockwise: Hamda Al Jasmi, Hamda Al Kaitoob, Hamda Hareb Al Falahi, Hessa Al Mheiri, Hessa Lootah, Hind Al Balooshi

Amal Bin Shabib, CEO of Palmwood, said: “The guide aims to showcase creativity and innovation among UAE youth, and to highlight the vital importance of design skills in transforming ideas and visions into implementable projects.”

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L to R from clockwise: Hind Al Rais, Jawaher Belhoul, Khawla Al Taher, Maha Al Mazrouei, Maitha Al Daisi, Maitha Al Farhan

She added Palmwood has several new projects to encourage national talents to actively participate in shaping the future of the UAE.

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L to R from clockwise: Meznah Khalid, Moza Al Falasi, Noora Al Serkal, Omar Al Gurg, Noora Moosa, Noora Al Balooshi

Passion for design

DFF said passion is at the heart of the young Emirati designers who “bring forth their zest, enthusiasm, individualism, and uniqueness, as they explore and share their talents.”

Here is the list of 21 Emirati graphic designers, 13 spatial designers, 10 multimedia designers, five design managers, and one UI/UX designer:

1. Ayesha Bin Haider, Graphic Design

A fresh graduate with a Bachelor’s Degree of Fine Arts in Graphic Design from Zayed University, Ayesha Bin Haider is deeply rooted and inspired by her culture and daily surroundings, while generating work with precision and broad investigation of concepts and visualizing them in a distinctive manner.

2. Khawla Al Taher, UI Design & Multimedia

Khawla graduated from Zayed University with a degree in Multimedia. She is currently pursuing a Masters Degree at American University in Dubai. She has worked on the du website and application. She has also produced dynamic artworks for different media projects.

3. Ayesha Al Jaberi, Spatial Design (Interior)

Ayesha is an Interior Design graduate from Zayed University. She took several courses such as furniture design, typography and painting. She designed and produced a book shelving as a part of a furniture design course that was later exhibited at Zayed University Campus.

4. Hamda Al Falahi, Design Management

Hamda studied Design Management at the American University of Sharjah. She has a comprehensive background in business administration and design. She can creatively solve problems using design thinking, and also works from a user-centered perspective.

5. Ayesha Bin Suroor, Multimedia (Photography)

Ayesha is a photographer based in Dubai. She captures moments in her mind before her camera. She always says: “It’s always the photographer not the camera.”

6. Ashwaq Al Mahri, Graphic Design

A Graphic Design graduate from Zayed University, Ashwaq has great passion for contemporary Arabic typography and grammar, especially in illustrations. She focuses on modern designs and Islamic geometric motifs.

7. Moza Al Falasi, Graphic Design

Moza is a graphic designer who is interested in visual art that is inspired by reality. She formulates her artworks into a new form with interest in photography, sculpture, illustration and printmaking.

8. Mariam Al Nuaimi, Graphic Design

Mariam’s passion for art, culture and self-expression is reflected in her work. Mariam enjoys experimenting around with unconventional concepts that translate into bold and vibrant designs

9. Ayesha Al Hashmi, Design Management

Ayesha is a design manager and urban planner. As a freelancer, Ayesha creates and designs logos, illustrations, and e-cards for business owners, graduations, weddings, newborns, Eid, and other celebrations.

10. Maryam Al Mheiri, Graphic Design

Maryam’s passion is inspired by the creativity of her surroundings. Her designs are often very neat and simplistic, with elegant details.

11. Reem Al Shehhi, Graphic Design

Reem a graphic designer interested in imaginary illustrations and 2D styles, and is passionate about typography design. She is always looking forward to utilising her creativity by creating the best design solutions to her clients.

12. Fatima Al Mur, Design Management

A Design Management student at the American University of Sharjah, Fatima works in graphic design, fashion design, and user experience (UX). She is passionate about art, design, and everything in between.

13. Noora Moosa, Graphic Design

Noora is a graphic design graduate from Zayed University who is passionate about implementing her research skills, collaging, and creating creative content to transform texts and flowing ideas into visuals.

14. Omar Al Gurg, Multimedia and Spatial Design (Photography and Architecture)

Through his passion in photography, Omar AlGurg, who graduated with a Degree in Architecture from Queens University Belfast in Northern Ireland, combines his architectural expertise with an artistic eye, to capture the ultimate photo.

15. Meznah Khalid, Design Management

Meznah is a Design Management student at the American University of Sharjah. She is passionate about design and finding solutions to creative problems. Meznah enjoys exploring cultural aspects in her work and practices empathetic design, because in her opinion, design must always serve the user in order to fulfill its greater purpose.

16. Sarah Al Hashemi, Multimedia (Videography)

Sarah is a Media and Communications Studies graduate from Zayed University. She is also an award winning documentary filmmaker who is keen to expand her media knowledge in a variety of fields.

17. Noora Al Serkal, Graphic Design

Noora loves design, and has been interested in creating content since childhood. She is passionate about creating digital publications that combine animation, fashion and art.

18. Rahaf Al Salman, Design Management

Rahaf is a Design Management graduate from the American University of Sharjah, where she developed innovative customer experiences and strategies through various user-centric research. She is proficient in designing and prototyping services and products.

19. Maitha Al Suwaidi, Multimedia (Visual Art)

Maitha has a Bachelor Degree in Fine Art at the College of Art and Creative Enterprises from Zayed University. Her passion for art and design started since she was a child, and she continues to transform her feelings, thoughts, fears, ideas and imagination into drawings.

20. Hind Rais, Graphic Design

Hind is a graphic designer who believes that design is so exciting because it makes the designer explore and experience different fields. It also provides solutions and acts as a catalyst for creativity.

21. Asma Al Marri, Spatial Design (Interior Design)

Asma is an artist with an Interior Design Bachelor Degree. She has taken courses in graphic design and furniture design. She recently started a painting studio where she sells her unique works.

22. Hessa Al Mheiri, Spatial Design (Interior Design)

Hessa is an interior designer dedicated towards creating awe-inspiring spaces with an innovative approach. She challenges herself to practice design within a social context, where it can offer improvements not only in humans’ lives, but society at large.

23. Amna Al Bastaki. Spatial Design (Interior Design)

Amna is an Interior Design graduate from Zayed University. She had taken classes in fine arts, painting, photography and principles of design as well as some art history courses such as contemporary Islamic Art.

24. Fatma Al Qurashi, Spatial Design (Interior Design)

Fatma holds a Masters degree in Project Management from Hamdan Bin Mohammed Smart University and a Bachelor of Interior Design from Zayed University. She is interested in culture, design, and project planning, and she would like to gain more knowledge and skills to grow within the design field.

25. Hessa Lootah, Graphic Design

Hessa is a Graphic Design graduate from Zayed University. Throughout her studies, she has explored different fields such as information design, packaging design, and photography but is particularly passionate about typography and bilingual design. She is eager to explore and learn from new opportunities which led her to participate in various workshops and projects such as the Arab Youth Center space branding.

26. Ghaiia Al Suwaidi, Graphic Design

Ghaiia is a Graphic Design graduate from Zayed University. She is passionate about creating graphics of multiple origins to eventually create her own brand.

27. Maryam Al Mazrooei, Multimedia

A Multimedia Studies graduate from the American University of Sharjah, Maryam is now learning more about the field, and she is passionate about creating a brand of her own.

28. Alia Rais, Spatial Design (Interior Design)

Alia is an Interior Design graduate from Zayed University. She has always been interested in the effect of the interior spaces on the occupants and would like to grow her network within the industry to create her own label one day.

29. Maitha Al Farhan, Spatial Design (Interior Design)

An Interior Design graduate from Zayed University in Dubai, Maitha aims to work in more innovative fields such as design companies with a focus on 3D design development.

30. Hind Al Blooshi, Graphic Design

Hind is a Graphic Design student at Zayed University. She aims to integrate realistic images and hand crafts in her work and aspires to create more projects that represent UAE culture and tradition.

31. Alyazia Bin Suwaidan, Multimedia

Alyazia has a Bachelor of Communication and Media Sciences focused in Multimedia Design from Zayed University. She is skilled in multimedia design and video production.

32. Futaim Hussain, Multimedia (Visual Art)

Futaim is a visual art student seeking to learn different types of art. She aspires to improve her skills and make her own mark in the art world.

33. Hamda Al Kaitoob, Spatial Design (Interior Design)

An Interior Design graduate from Zayed University, Hamda took courses in graphic design, visual arts and computer-aided design which helped her gain more skills that are related to her major.

34. Hamda Al Jasmi, Spatial Design (Interior Design)

Hamda is an Interior Design graduate from Zayed University with a keen interest in learning new skills and gaining knowledge in the design field. She is enthusiastic about using manual and digital fabrication techniques.

35. Abeer Al Haddad, Graphic Design

A Graphic Design graduate from Zayed University, Abeer is currently working as a creative graphic designer at Sxill Lab where she develops advertising and promotional concepts.

36. Shamma Bin Howaireb, Graphic Design (Illustration)

As an artist and designer, Shamma works hard to develop designs that speak both to her and to others about the beauty that exists in the ruins of ancient societies.

37. Noora Al Blooshi, Graphic Design

Noora is an artist and designer who enjoys many types of art such as calligraphy, pen drawing, and painting. She draws her creativity from Islamic arts and architecture and always seeks to develop her skills.

38. Amna Al Shamsi, Spatial Design (Interior Design)

An Interior Design graduate from Zayed University, Amna has taken classes in construction, lighting, furniture design, environmental systems and many other interior design classes that allowed her to further develop her skills as an interior designer.

39. Fatma Al Mheiri, Graphic Design

Fatma is a graphic designer with a lot of passion when it comes to Emirati culture. Her goal in design is to relate it to her lifestyle, the experience she has and her daily interactions with people. Problem solving, innovative, and relatable design is what she tend to produce.

40. Matooka Al Rahma, Multimedia (Visual Art)

Matooka is a Visual Art student at Zayed University where she assisted professors in courses like photography, digital video, and art foundation. Her painting installation “Co-Existence” was displayed at Dubai Design District in May this year.

41. Rawdha Thani, Multimedia and Spatial Design (Visual Art and Interior Architecture)

Rawdha’s works are minimalistic with a modern twist and is inspired by people and culture.

42. Reem Al Marri, Graphic Design (Illustration)

Reem is an artist who specialises in illustrations. She works digitally and with watercolours, often blending the two to give a raw personal feel to her work.

43. Maha Al Mazrouei, Graphic Design

A Design Management graduate from American University of Sharjah, Maha is also an illustrator and completed a Graphic Design short course at the Chelsea College of Arts. She currently works as a design manager at Hamzat Wasl Studio.

44. Amna Samir, Multimedia

Amna is a Multimedia graduate from Zayed University. She is now working at Dubai Tourism as a graphic designer. She discovered her passion in art at a young age and her curiosity of the art and design world increased. She is skilled in photography, animation, web design and graphic design.

45. Alyazia Al Abdulla, Multimedia (Visual Art)

Alyazia is a visual artist and poet with a passion for photography and filmmaking, specialising mainly in film photography using double exposure as well as capturing motion picture film on 16mm film. Her main themes and inspirations include influences from historical settings, surreal visual art, and emphasis on human body language.

46. Maitha Al Mazroei, Spatial Design (Interior Design)

An architect engineer, Maitha is passionate about art, design and architecture. She is the founder of Msquared Design since 2014. She reflected her passion in design on designing exceptional experiences, events and weddings. She participated in Dubai Design Week and volunteered at the National UAE Pavilion- Venice Biennale in 2014.

47. Ahmad Al Shirawi, Spatial Design (Architecture)

Ahmad AlShirawi is an architect, digital artist, and a community activist. He has developed an interest in architecture and psychology of architecture. His thesis book was centred on the relationship between architecture, sustainability, and psychology. He has participated in various voluntary and extracurricular organizations over the years. These experiences have inspired him to commence his own community non-profit initiative, “Heroes of the Union”.

48. Maitha Al Daisi, Graphic Design

Maitha loves movies and animation. Her experience in graphic design and animation introduced her to motion graphics. She enjoys experimenting with both fields and hopes to gain more knowledge for a better creative outcome.

49. Alia Al Suwaidi, Graphic Design

Alia is a Graphic Design graduate with a minor in curatorial practices. She is currently working at Emaar Properties corporate marketing office as part of the creative team. She is always looking for a stimulating experience to expand her knowledge.

50. Jawaher Belhoul, Graphic Design

Jawaher is a Graphic Designer and Forensic Questioned Document Examiner. She is driven by the application of design thinking in both areas of expertise. She is also motivated to seek and learn more on how to better herself and is eager for what’s to come.