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Dubai: The Ministry of Education (MOE) on Sunday told schools to take necessary precautions to ensure the safety of their students during the bout of unstable weather that the country is experiencing. It is expected to continue to experience different intensities of rain until Wednesday (October 31). 

Heavy rains led to flash floods in various wadis resulting in some road closures in Fujairah, Sharjah and Ras Al Khaimah on Sunday.

Sharjah police on Sunday afternoon closed both roads to and from Wadi Al Hilo due to flash floods while the road to Jebel Jais was also closed as heavy rains flooded wadis and nearby roads. 

Fujairah police said they kept 600 students in school as a safety measure and did not allow them to board their school buses after classes due to the flooding in nearby areas. The pupils were only allowed to leave as soon as the floods receded. 

In a tweet on Sunday, the Ministry of Education said the safety of students is paramount and advises parents and students to follow safety and security standards during rainy season. “[The MOE] deputises school administrations to take all necessary procedures and also grants them the right to suspend classes if necessary, in accordance to weather conditions and whatever can guarantee their highest level of security,” the ministry said. 

This morning, water was seen gushing through the wadis in Jebel Jais and also causing some flooding on the roads. 

Footage of a car swept away by rain in Ras Al Khaimah

“The ministry is intensifying efforts of coordination and cooperation with relevant bodies in the UAE to deal with emergency situations that arise from unstable weather, particularly in areas witnessing heavy rainfall in order to ensure the safety of the student and faculty.”

The heavy rains were caused by unstable weather due to an extension of the Red Sea low pressure, accompanied by a Western upper air trough. This is producing a relatively humid and cool airflow from the north that’s heading towards UAE influenced by another low pressure in southern and eastern Saudi Arabia. 

Heavy rain was recorded over Sama, in Ras Al Khaimah; Wadi Al Seder, Tibaa and Al Khabiliya in Fujairah; and Ghayathi in Al Dhafra area. Khor Fakkan received light to moderate levels of rain. 

Al Bedyah, Murbeh, and Sharm experienced some light showers. 

The rainclouds are expected to move westward and lash coastal areas, extending towards the interior areas on Monday and Tuesday.

Heavy rains over Khor Fakkan

What's happening in the sea?

Meanwhile, fresh north-westerly to north-easterly winds with top speeds of about 50 km/h could kick up to 9-foot waves offshore, weathermen warned.

Forecasters warned that the sea will be rough with wave height of up to 9 feet offshore. There is a chance of towering clouds forming with fresh north westerly to north easterly wind.

The situation is expected to abate gradually by Wednesday evening over most parts of the country. 

Weathermen and police urged motorists to be cautious when driving in rainy weather as visibility might deteriorate due to rain and windblown dust. 
Residents are also advised to avoid valleys as strong currents can easily sweep away anything in its path. There have been incidents of motorists dying after being swept away by the floods. 

An orange alert was also raised in north-western shores of the UAE on Saturday as fresh winds kicked up rough sea in the Arabian Gulf.

NCM reported heavy rain over Dalma on Saturday night, reducing horizontal visibility.