Dubai: If you plan to go outdoors this weekend, make sure to take a handkerchief or a face mask as forecasters expect winds to kick up dust and for dust particles to remain suspended in the air.

Forecasters on Thursday warned motorists in the western part of UAE to drive with caution as visibility would drop to less than 1,000 metres from 5pm Thursday afternoon until Friday due to windblown dust.

Fresh to strong Northwesterly wind, with gusts of up to 60km/h over the sea, will kick up dust and cause the particles to be suspended in the air, resulting in hazy conditions on Friday and Saturday in almost all parts of the country.

The weather condition is due to an extension of a surface high pressure over the Arabian Gulf and Eastern parts of the Arabian Peninsula, with an extension of surface low pressure over the Red Sea and Western parts of the Arabian Peninsula, accompanied with a ridge of high pressure at upper air levels, a according to a weather bulletin from the National Centre of Meteorology.

Friday will be hazy and partly cloudy in general, with a significant fall in temperature of about 4 to 5 degree drop in the maximum temperature. So if the expected maximum temperature in Abu Dhabi was 28C on Thursday, it’s expected to drop to 24C to 23C by Friday and Saturday. Minimum temperature will remain in the 17C to 19C range.

Weather will be mild during daytime on Saturday and relatively cold to very cold by night. Dusty conditions will prevail as winds will kick up sand over exposed areas.

The Arabian Gulf will be rough to very rough while Oman Sea will be rough on both Friday and Saturday.