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Dubai: Stepping outdoors? You might feel like the weather is hotter than the temperature reading today in some parts of the UAE. No, it's not just you. We spoke to a National Center of Meteorology forecaster to find out why the temperature reading was at 38°C in Dubai on Tuesday afternoon, but it felt like 52°C, even while some parts of the country saw overcast skies.

NCM forecaster Sara Alameri said: "Today we are expecting clouds over eastern and southern regions along with light to moderate rainfall in some ares.

"The maximum temperature is expected to be between 45 and 47°C. Due to the increase in temperature, convective activity in the atmosphere is increased."

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Alameri explained: "The humidity is coming off the Arabian Gulf due to the wind pattern, which is northwesterly today."

What is heat index?
According to an NCM expert, discomfort index, heat index or the “feeling temperature” might be higher depending on other weather conditions, especially the humidity.
In simple terms, during summers, the air temperature across the UAE is already very high. On days when the relative humidity is also very high, we might feel like the temperature outdoors is much higher than it is.

"The humidity over coastal areas will be between 75 to 85 per cent. Increasing by evening and may reach up to 90 per cent by tomorrow in northern coastal areas, especially in areas between Abu Dhabi to Dubai."

"A similar weather is expected till Thursday. By Friday, humidity will move to the western coastal region as the wind pattern will turn northeasterly," Alameri added.