Sharjah residents on Monday experienced one of the foggiest days this year. Image Credit: Arshad Ali/Gulf News

Dubai: UAE residents went on-line to vent their frustration on Monday when many vehicles were seen with hazard lights on during dense fog.

Thick fog enveloped parts of Dubai and Sharjah on Monday morning, reducing visibility on key roads like Emirates Road, Business Bay crossing, Ras Al Khor Road and Shaikh Zayed Road. Communities like International City and Mirdiff were also hit by foggy weather.

"Extremely dense fog in International City, but many drivers still use hazard lights, which is creating confusion to the others. They overtake other vehicles without indicating, which is a threat to fellow drivers. Please use fog lights," a resident named Srini commented on gulfnews.com.

Police have repeatedly warned motorists that the use of hazard lights while driving through fog is incorrect and dangerous. The purpose of hazard lights is to inform other drivers that your car has stopped. Also, a driver cannot indicate whether he or she is switching lanes if the hazard lights are turned on. Fog lights, not hazard lights, are appropriate to use in foggy weather.

Asghar from Sharjah urged drivers "not to use hazard lights while driving, which confuses the driver in front of you or behind". Sherwin Boston of Dubai posted on the website that although the incorrect use of hazard lights in foggy weather has "always been a hot topic every season, still a lot of people haven't learned the lesson".

Driving tips during foggy weather

Use hazard lights only in case of an emergency, such as if your vehicle is on a full stop, or if you pull over to the side of the road.

Use your fog lights during foggy weather. The use of headlights is also advisable, but refrain from using a high beam since this can affect the vision of the motorist in front of you.

During extremely heavy foggy conditions, it is better to stop the car and wait until the fog clears before continuing driving.