Satellite photo of tropical depression Image Credit: Directorate General of Meteorology - Oman

Dubai: The tropical depression brewing nearly 1,400km off the coast of Oman will turn into a tropical storm in the next 24 hours but it will have no direct influence on UAE’s weather, forecasters said.

The tropical depression in the middle of the Arabian Sea was located at latitude 12°N and longitude 65.4°E, 1,340km southeast Salalah as of 3pm on Sunday.

It is expected to develop into a tropical storm in 24 hours, a weather update from the National Centre of Meteorology (NCM) said.

The tropical depression is moving north-west toward the Omani coast at a speed of 11km/h. The wind speed around the centre will reach 40km/h to 55km/h.

Based on majority of numerical models on Sunday, however, the tropical depression has an indirect influence over the country for the coming five days, NCM said.

The national weather bureau said it is closely monitoring the situation and will provide updates accordingly.

The public is advised to follow official reports by the NCM on its website and official Twitter page and avoid spreading rumours.

Weather Monday and Tuesday

Meanwhile, weather on Monday and Tuesday is expected to be fair in general and some clouds will appear eastward in the afternoon.

Fog or mist may form on some coastal and internal areas, especially westward, as relative humidity may increase by Monday and Tuesday evening and early morning.

South-easterly to northwesterly wind with speeds 15km/h to 25km/h, reaching 35km/h, will kick up dust in exposed areas on Monday, and the wind speed will becoming 18km/h to 28km/h, reaching 38km/h by Tuesday.

The Arabian Gulf and Oman Sea will be slight to moderate on Monday while the Oman Sea will be moderate to rough at times on Tuesday.