WEATHER / Dark cloud / SHARJAH
Clouds cover Sharjah on Thursday morning. Image Credit: Virendra Saklani/Gulf News

Dubai: UAE will be experiencing rainy weather over the coming few days.

In some parts of Dubai, like Jumeirah, Al Aweer, and around Dubai International Airport, residents reported heavy to moderate rainfall. The Met office has also reported light to heavy rains in different parts of Dubai and Abu Dhabi on Friday.

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Rain in Gantoot

Abu Dhabi Police issues warning

On Thursday, heavy rainfall, thunder, and lightning, was recorded in various parts of the UAE, including Dubai, Sharjah, Umm Al Quwain, and Ras Al Khaimah. Al Ghantoot in Abu Dhabi saw heavy rainfall with hail.

Dr Ahmad Habib, a senior official from the UAE's National Center of Meteorology, told Gulf News that more rain was expected in scattered parts of the country on Friday. Saturday, Sunday, and Monday, will see cloudy weather, he added.

Throughout Thursday, the Met Office issued multiple yellow and orange weather alerts indicating rainy clouds over the entire country.

"There are rainy clouds over the Arabian Sea, moving towards the northern coastal areas, especially Dubai, Sharjah, and Ras Al Khaimah," Dr Habib added.

According to him, rainy weather is typical during this time of the year, as “these are the autumn months, between summer and winter.

"The country is affected by an extension of surface low pressure from the South, along with an extension of upper air low pressure from the West. The moisture and cold air mass in the upper levels cause convective clouds formation over scattered areas of the country associated with rainfall."

Yellow and orange weather alert across the UAE.
Yellow and orange weather alert across the UAE. Image Credit:

He also confirmed that the NCM was conducting regular cloud seeding missions to maximise rainfall in the country, as the clouds are convective. Convective clouds typically look like cotton balls piled on top of each other, carry rain, and are considered the best type of clouds for effective cloud seeding. They are constantly monitored by the NCM for the amount of moisture they carry.

The Met Office also issued safety alerts warning motorists and residents to drive carefully on rain-affected roads and avoid flood prone areas like valleys.

"Precaution should be taken during rainfall over some Eastern and Northern areas. And advised to stay away from areas of flash flooding and accumulated rain," the alert read.

A drop in temperatures was also recorded across the UAE.

Dr Habib said that temperatures across the country dropped by three to four degrees Celsius on Thursday. Temperatures over the next two days are expected to remain the same, with a slight increase by two or three degrees on Sunday.

The highest temperature recorded in the UAE on Thursday was 35.9°C in Bada Dafas (Al Dhafra Region), according to the NCM.