Image Credit: Twitter: Courtesy@BurjKhalifa

Dubai: The Burj Khalifa will light up Downtown Dubai’s skyline to mark one of the most important events in the community, that of Ramadan. 

This year’s LED lightshow was carefully chosen from hundreds of submissions, and according to organisers, the first show celebrates the spiritual value of Ramadan with an inspiring display of UAE-based artist Art Noor's work.

Noor’s painting was inspired by the 99 names of Allah, and took an impressive 15 years to complete.

Some of the names of Allah include:

- Al Rahman; The Compassionate

- Al Rahim; The Merciful

- Al Malek; The Lord

- Al Qudoos; The Perfect

- Al Salam; The Peace and Safety

The next lightshow is scheduled to display the works of Freelusion, an agency based in Budapest, Hungary, which specialises in projections on buildings and 3D content.