Smart cameras in many places inside and outside the driving test vehicle help analyze examinees' driving skills Image Credit: Supplied

Ajman: Applicants for a driving license in Ajman have started undergoing a smart driving test that uses cameras and face recognition technology to remotely analyse their driving skills.

The Ajman Police General Headquarters has launched the first phase of the system, which covers driving and parking on bridges. More aspects of driving tests will be covered by the smart system in the next stages.

Major Khalfan Mohammad Al Shaali, Head of Vehicle Licensing Department at the Vehicles and Drivers Licensing Department of Ajman Police, said Ajman Police seeks to implement in the coming stages smart and integrated solutions in all driving test vehicles.

Driving test cars approaching a small bridge for their bridge test Image Credit: Supplied

Major Al Shaali added that the system aims at improving drivers’ testing through automation and analysing driving skills, reinforcing traffic safety by providing data of the driver during the test.

He said the system provides a direct follow up platform for the testing process and is also helpful in case of emergency.

How it works

Major Al Shaali added that the system uses smart cameras inside and outside the vehicle to monitor the examinee’s driving during testing. This improves the level of transparency in the presentation of the test results and enables the driving license department to follow the continuous improvement of the quality of the test, which is connected to a remote control room.

Ajman Police officials checking the live feed from a driving test car Image Credit: Supplied

It also has a visual and audio communication system with the driver of the vehicle, facial recognition devices that enable the examiner to confirm the identity of the driver as soon as he steps into the vehicle, and provides an automated sterilisation system controlled by the vehicle driver. The test vehicle is sterilised before and after each test.