Jumeirah Village Triangle residents (clockwise from top left): Elif Bieler, Olga Borovska, Ruaa Isam and Aditi Vyas Kumar.

Dubai: It’s all about flexibility, And it’s the one thing that drives homeowners to the Jumeirah Village Triangle (JVT). Added to the sprawling plot sizes, spacious garden areas and a family-friendly atmosphere attract homeowners and tenants alike to the villa lifestyle here.

Ukranian expat Olga Borovska and her husband Fabrizio Romagnolo love their two-bedroom villa in JVT. “What I love about this community is the huge garden space we get. It is hard to find similar properties now in Dubai. Most townhouses do not have such a huge garden space for the price we paid.”

Borovska said the couple bought their home four years ago for around Dh2 million. Today, its going market rate has almost doubled. “The asking price hovers between Dh3.5 million and Dh4 million, depending on how much it has been renovated.”


Number of villas and townhouses at Jumeirah Village Triangle

JVT is home to over 6,000 villas and townhouses, ccording to Angelique Reshetnikova, senior consultant at EVA Real Estate.

Borovska, who lived in Jumeirah Lakes Towers (JLT) previously, said she and her husband wanted to move out of apartment living and take up a villa for the space and the garden it offers.

“We looked at other communities but we narrowed down to JVT for the economical price,” she added.


Swiss expat Elif Bieler has a similar story. She and her family - husband and two children aged three and five - moved to JVT just a few months ago. “We were looking for homes and the JVT community just struck us to be conveniently located and well-priced from a rent perspective,” Bieler said.

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Swiss expat Elif Bieler, a resident of Jumeirah Village Triangle in Dubai. Image Credit: Gulf News | Clint Egbert

The family lives in a two-bedroom villa. “It is difficult to find such a large space in Dubai.”

Buying prices and rents

Reshetnikova from EVA Real Estate said prices of villas in JVT vary significantly depending on the renovation done and other factors such as size and if it’s a corner unit. “One of the best things about JVT is that the developer allows the flexibility to a homeowner to renovate, build extra rooms. The extra plot size that comes for each unit makes it very attractive to potential home-owners and tenants,” she added.

“Prices for three-bedroom villas hover around Dh2 million to Dh2.5 million. Asking prices for four and five-bedroom villas range from Dh3.5 million to Dh4 million.”

As for rents, three-bedroom villas are asking between Dh100,000 and Dh150,000 annually. “The four and five-bedroom villas might range from Dh220,000 to Dh300,000 or more per year.”

Facilities and amenities

Meanwhile, Indian expat Aditi Vyas Kumar has stayed in her four-bedroom unit of 3,700 square feet built up area and 6,843 square feet garden space since 2018.

She said she has seen the community develop into a self-contained property thanks to facilities and amenities opening up.

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Aditi Vyas Kumar has stayed in her four-bedroom unit at JVT since 2008.

“When we first came to live in the community we only had one supermarket. Today we have quite a few, plus a host of facilities for residents to enjoy. The area around also has developed. We have several schools, shopping centres close by. Beside there is a mall that is coming next to the community. When it gets ready, more people would want to live in the area.”

Iraqi expat Ruaa Isam, who lives in a four-bedroom unit, agrees. “I have lived in other communities of Dubai but we love it here for it is a self-sustained community. The units are well priced in comparison to the space in offer,” Isam said.

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Ruaa Isam: "We we love it here (Jumeirah Village Triangel) for it is a self-sustained community." Image Credit: Clint Egbert | Gulf News

Family-friendly atmosphere

Reshetnikova said: “JVT has withstood the market over the years. The renovated units with additional bedrooms have seen prices go up considerably. It is the same with respect to rent as well. The asking rent varies and goes up as more bedrooms are built in. Added to this, the community is known for its family-friendly atmosphere and a range of amenities, making it a sought-after location in Dubai.”

Lebanese expat Leila Abou Trabi, who lives in a two-bedroom villa, said: “We like living in JVT because it’s a family friendly community, quiet and safe for the chidren. The school is nearby. We are in close proximity to key locations of Dubai.”


JVT is located in the heart of Dubai, offering easy access to major road networks such as Sheikh Zayed Road, Al Khail Road, and Hessa Street. It is well connected to various commercial and residential areas in Dubai. It is part of a larger master plan that includes other communities like Jumeirah Village Circle (JVC) and Jumeirah Park.

These communities together form a cohesive residential area that offers a balanced mix of amenities, green spaces, and convenient living, attracting both families and individuals.

Jumeirah Village Triangle (JVT) forms part of a larger master plan that includes other communities like Jumeirah Village Circle (JVC) and Jumeirah Park.