Voter Philadelphia Pennsylvania
A voter wears an "I VOTED TODAY" sticker after casting his ballot at the Philadelphia City Hall satellite polling station on October 27, 2020 in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Image Credit: AFP

Dubai: Expatriates in the UAE are watching with interest the campaign for the US presidential elections, knowing fully well that the results will have an impact all over the world.

Gulf News spoke to expatriates from various countries to see what their expectations are about the polls.

Address critical issues

Indian expat Ritu Bhargava, 45 said she hoped the new American President will address critical issues like racism, a COVID-19 pandemic economy and international affairs. She added that as an Indian expatriate living in the UAE she is hoping for stronger relations between the USA, the Middle East and India.

Ritu Bhargava

“Indian expats in the UAE have strong connections with the USA for secondary education and beyond. Many members of our community are engaged in the work place in the US providing services ranging from IT to healthcare. Any new administration is extremely important to us for our children’s education potential – be it in the US as well as employment going forward. As an Indian expat with strong roots back home – a strong pro-India – US establishment will create a robust partnership between two largest democracies,” she said.

Ritu said she is hoping that the next US administration should work towards growing the already strong partnership with India and the large Indian diaspora in the USA who have links with Indians across the world and in the UAE as well.

She said: “The coming election for the 46th President will be monumental and momentous. For the last five decades we have been seeing a deeply divisive, polarising election. I hope that the winner from this election will do his best to address racism, the “COVID-19 pandemic economy” and most importantly international affairs which will be key as we move towards delivering peace in the Middle East as evidenced recently by the signing of Abraham accord with Israel on September 15. The Abraham accord has been recognised as a positive development to engender peace in the region after 70 years. Kudos to Donald Trump for making this happen.”

She also noted how the US economy improved on President Trump’s watch. “Low unemployment, high growth, low inflation and most importantly the exit from costly wars has been some really great news for the country. American soldiers have returned home to their families and how great is that. These are dads and moms who left their families fighting wars – not for USA – but for other countries.”

'Man who walks the talk'

Swiss expatriate of Egyptian origin, Ahmed Rashad, 51, working as regional director for a private firm in Dubai said he believes President Donald Trump has a good chance of being re-elected for another term.

“He is a man who walks the talk. He executes what he says. And what is rather endearing about him is that he loves his country. Trump has made an impact beyond America. And I feel he has touched the hearts of people in a way other Presidents have not.”

Ahmed reminisced on former US presidents Ronald Reagan and Jimmy Carter. “Trump reminds me of Ronald Regan who also put America first. I also remember Jimmy Carter and his efforts to bring peace to the world.”

Ahmad Rashad

Personally to me Trump is a historic President who brought Israel and Arabs closer. “It seems like a better world today. Don’t be surprised if he gets re-elected and also takes home the Nobel prize for Peace.”

Focus on tolerance

German teacher in Dubai Paulina Zdobylak, 32, said she has been pleasantly surprised by Donald Trump’s abilities and competence as the President of one of the largest democracies of the world.

“I am sometimes left shocked about his remarks and decisions, but I am more surprised as to how many followers he still has. After seeing the significant changes he has made, I do consider him as a go-getter, doer, action - driven, and a brutally honest politician.”

According to Paulina, President Trump has a very high chance of being re-elected this year, despite his opponents.

“There is no doubt that he has improved the US economy tremendously in the past four years. He has kept up with many of his political promises, and most of all he has been a significant peace-maker between conflicting countries.”

Paulina said if Trump is re-elected he must focus his attention on tolerance, gender equality, women empowerment, human-rights, healthcare.

Paulina Zdobylak

As for Joe Biden, Paulina said she did not find him to be a competent candidate for President Trump. “He is playing by the rules and reflecting everything that we miss in Trump. But is he really the best choice or is he just the tool to get rid of the current President

Brexit in focus

But Richard Everest, 54, regional head of commercial and legal services for a private company will hear nothing of this. “Under Trump’s presidency the US has become much more inward looking and it is all about America

Richard Everest

First. Whether one agrees or not, Trump has delivered on promises he made four years ago. For the UK the most important short term issue post the elections is a trade deal given the Brexit situation. Trump is more likely to do a deal, but on his terms, whilst Biden is more likely to do a deal that is balanced.

"In general I think that Biden offers the better option from UK’s point of view. Looking at the last four years and the election, whilst Trump basically upheld his election commitment, his approach has come across as aggressive, sometimes relishing on petty and personal spats on social media. My fear is that if Trump gets back, then this is a destabilising approach and the way it drags politics down will not be beneficial globally long term so I hope Biden wins.