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Abu Dhabi Police have launched campaign to create awareness among motorists about tyre safety as summer sets in. Image Credit: ADP

Abu Dhabi: The Abu Dhabi Police have called upon motorists to ensure that vehicle tyres are in good working condition in order to prevent serious traffic accidents during the hot summer months.

In fact, multiple penalties, including a fine and impoundment, are imposed if a motorist is found driving with expired or worn out tyres.

A video clip shared by the Police shows a van with unfit tyres skidding dangerously on a highway exit in Abu Dhabi.

Main cause for accidents

In a statement, the Police said that tyre damage is the main reason behind many accidents that occur during the summer. Expired tyres, overloaded vehicles, the increase of decrease of air pressure in the tyres, higher air temperatures, and frequent use over long distances all contribute to faults in the tyres.

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What to check

The Police, therefore, urged motorists to check on their tyres, and make sure that those in use do not have any cracks or other kinds of damage. Motorists must also check that the tyres conform to specifications for the vehicle, including tyre size, load, year of manufacture, and the suitability of the tyres for long road trips.


According to Article 82 of the Traffic Law, motorists found driving with expired, damaged tyres will earn a Dh500 fine and four traffic black points. In addition, the vehicle will also be impounded for a week.