Volunteers pack grocery boxes for the Ramadan campaign Image Credit: Supplied

Dubai: A series of community activities designed to benefit over 600,000 people across the UAE during Ramadan has been announced by ENOC Group.

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These include the packing and distribution of grocery items, as well as the distribution of iftar boxes to over 500,000 beneficiaries in collaboration with Al Ihsan Charity Association in their annual Ramadan Aman campaign. The Group will additionally allocate 10,000 iftar meals to workers accommodations and 25,000 food items to underprivileged families.

The distribution activities will be handled by volunteers from the Group at various locations around the UAE. For the second consecutive year, the Group will also host an annual iftar initiative for senior Emirati citizens.

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The annual initiative ‘Malabes’ in partnership with Beit Al Khair, aimed at encouraging the Group’s employees to contribute new and “gently used” clothing in support of underprivileged families, will make a return this year.

Also, the Group will donate 1,000 gas cylinders from Emirates Gas to underprivileged families, partnering with Beit Al Khair for distribution. Furthermore, ENOC’s collaboration with Beit Al Khair extends an invitation to the general public to contribute at any ENOC service station for iftar Saa’em (Dh15), Zakat Al Fitr (Dh25), and Kiswat Eid (Dh100). To facilitate donations, this year’s charity campaign will also provide social media users with a QR code. The code will also be placed on all coffee cups at ZOOM during the month of Ramadan.

The Group has collaborated with Al Noor Rehabilitation and Welfare Association for people of determination. Through this initiative, ENOC employees have the opportunity to engage in a ‘Misbaha’ or prayer beads craft-making session. The crafted items will be included as part of the grocery items box donation.