Abu Dhabi accident at the port area
A car burst into flames at the port area of Abu Dhabi. Image Credit: Supplied

Abu Dhabi: Two children, aged one-and-a-half and three years old, were killed in a tragic accident after the vehicle they were left in burst into flames.

The incident happened at the Al Mina area of Abu Dhabi.

In the photo supplied by police, the burnt car appears to be a Mercedes Benz G-Class.

In a statement issued by Abu Dhabi Police on Wednesday, the cause of the fire is yet to be determined.

Abu Dhabi Police expressed their deep regret over the tragic incident and offered their condolences and sympathy to the family of the brother and the sister.

The children were identified as Maktoum Ebrahim Al Hassouni, 18 months, and Shamayel Ebrahim Al Hassouni, three years old. The funeral was held at Bani Yas cemetery after Dhuhr prayers on Wednesday.

Brigadier General Mohammad Suhail Al Rashidi, Director of Criminal Security at the Abu Dhabi Police, said the young Emirati children were left inside the 4x4 vehicle on their own, which then caught fire.

Brig Gen Al Rashidi warned parents not to leave their children in vehicles without adult supervision, and pointed out that such types of behavior can lead to serious consequences, including death.

The news shook residents on Wednesday morning who were horrified to learn of such a tragedy.

One social media user who claimed to have witnessed the incident, urged others not to pass blame on the victims’ parents.

“I was there, and the mother had just left the car when it exploded. The doors were locked and everybody was grabbing the door handles, trying to open them. The mother was left in a frantic state as she saw her poor children trapped. We should not put any kind of blame on the parents, I urge you all,” he said.