All's well that ends well: Bella with Dr Belal Al Sahlab after the procedure. Image Credit: Supplied

Dubai: Bella, an eight-month-old golden retriever, underwent a rare procedure at a vet clinic in Abu Dhabi after a foreign body - a tree bark - was found stuck inside one of its nsotrils.

Bella was brought into the British Veterinary Centre’s Khalifa City branch as she had a history of epistaxis (nosebleeds).

Dr Belal Al Sahlab, who examined her, suspected a foreign body.

A diagnostic CT scan confirmed a 6cm foreign body inside the left nostril.

Dr Belal immediately scheduled Bella for a rhinoscopy-guided foreign body retrieval, together with Dr Serghii and his nursing team.

The 3.2cm-long foreign body was carefully retrieved through the passage, with minimal damage caused to the nasal cavity tissue. It was found to be a tree bark. The surgery was performed using Karl Storz’s video endoscope procured through Eurovets.

“It is not very common to find foreign objects in the nasal passages of dogs and cats. It can cause serious injury to the nasal cavity and involves a high risk of infection to the rest of the respiratory tract. Therefore, the object has to be carefully removed as soon as possible” said Dr Belal Al Sahlab.

Bella was bright and alert the next day and went home happy and healthy with her very relieved owners.