Dubai: Starting April 15, the Roads and Transport Authority (RTA) in Dubai will issue fines to semi-trailers operating without registration numbers.

The RTA has licensed almost 120 semi-trailers since the registration service started for them in September 2014.

The move is part of RTA’s measures to protect road users against accidents caused by semi-trailers that fall short of required safety standards.

Since the registration process ensures a vehicle is roadworthy, semi-trailers must register to prove their safety. The process also verifies there is no accident or offence report against them.

In April, the authority will launch an inspection campaign targeting the semi-trailers.

Licensing and registration for semi-trailers owned by private individuals will be required once every three years, but those owned by companies will have to undergo tests annually.

The process can be completed at service centres of RTA partners Tamam Al Ghandi, Tasjeel in Jebel Ali, Tasjeel in Al Warsan, and Al Shirawi Enterprises.

Ahmad Behroozian, CEO of RTA’s Licensing Agency, said: “The RTA continuously seeks to realise its vision of providing safe and smooth transport for all through implementing several initiatives and services. We have set plans for completing registration and licensing of semi-trailers to ensure their roadworthiness and compatibility with traffic safety stipulations.”