Sharjah: A family that has been struck by tragedy six times is enduring further heartbreak after a car accident claimed the life of its breadwinner.

The family has already lost six children under the age of four due to what appears to be a rare medical condition. Fatima, aged three years and eight months, was the latest victim of the condition and died on March 17. Her mother, 32-year-old, Umm Khalid, told Gulf News at the time that she had lost one of her children almost every second year and every time she got pregnant, she prayed that it would be different.

Now, her husband Khalel Taj, a 45-year-old Pakistani, is dead after the family car flipped over on Al Dhaid Road on November 8. Umm Khalid, who was driving, and her five-year-old son Khalid were injured and taken to Al Dhaid Hospital. A hospital official told Gulf News that the pair had multiple fractures.

Umm Khalid was moved to Rashid Hospital on Thursday as she needed treatment for her fractured neck. Khalid is still in Al Dhaid Hospital.

Abdul Wahid, the woman’s brother, told Gulf News that the accident was a tragedy. He said his sister was suffering even more as she had now lost her husband as well as six children. The family live in the Al Manama area of Al Dhaid.

Gulf News first reported the family’s story on March 18 this year.

Rare genetic disease

Speaking to Gulf News, Umm Khalid, who carries a Comoros passport, said that her six children died of what doctors believe is a rare genetic disease.

She lost her first child, Mohammad, 17 years ago and her misfortune continued when she lost her daughter Fatima earlier this year. On that day, Fatima appeared perfectly normal while playing with her brother Khalid, but the very next day, she failed to wake up. The housemaid tried to wake the child up at 1pm but found her lying cold and motionless. Umm Khalid rushed Fatima to Al Dhaid Hospital but she could not be resuscitated.

She says she always felt fine during the pregnancy and the births were normal. Medical investigations did not provide any definite answers, Dr Khansa Hashim, a consultant at Al Dhaid Hospital, told Gulf News.

A sudden heart seizure was found to have caused Fatima’s death, like her five other siblings. Mariam, nine, and Khalid are the remaining siblings.