Sharjah: The General Directorate of the Sharjah Police has launched an electronic auction for 150 distinguished licence plate numbers for private cars.

The move comes in cooperation with Emirates Auction, the leading company in organising and managing public and online auctions in the Middle East.

The auction, launched by the Sharjah Police and initiated by Emirates Auction, was started last evening via the Emirates Auction website; and features a single two-digit licence plate (No. 77) in addition to a variety of other distinguished numbers for varying plates. There are currently 9 three-digit distinguished number plates up for bidding alongside 71 four-digit plates, and 69 five-digit plates.

The auction, which will conclude Saturday evening, features the following specialised numbers: three digits (555, 600, and 155); four digits (1001, 3000, 5050, and 8484); and five digits (10000, 11111, 15000, and 26000). The auction additionally includes several other numbers for those who wish to purchase special licence plates numbers.

Brigadier General Saif Al Zari Al Shamsi, Commander-in-Chief of Sharjah Police, said that offering this new selection of distinguished numbers for licence plates via an online auction is part of Sharjah Police’s commitment to making citizens and residents, who are interested in owning licence plates with special numbers, happy.

The auction will conclude on Saturday evening. Participation in the auction requires registering on the website or via the app. The minimum bid for a licence plate runs between Dh200 and Dh1,000, with a deposit of 20 per cent of the bid limit required via bank deposit or cash transfer. A payment completion bill and certificate of full ownership for the number will be issued following the conclusion of the auction. Winners of the auction are entitled to waive their rights of ownership to a third party following receipt of the certificate of ownership. It should be noted that an additional five minutes are given following each bid price in order to allow other competitors to bid up until the conclusion of the auction.