What is Salik?

Salik, which means clear or open in Arabic, is a road toll system introduced by the Roads and Transport Authority in 2007 in Dubai.

The salik tag, which represents an advanced Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) technology, can be bought from the petrol stations for Dh100, out of which Dh50 will be balance as Salik credit.

Motorists are charged Dh4 every time they pass through a Salik toll gate.

Salik credit can be topped up through phone banking services, credit cards, Salik recharge cards and through recently launched SMS system.

A salik tag or account is valid for life, however, a motorist has to pass through salik gate at least once in three years to keep the account active, otherwise the credit in the account will be forfeited.

Salik tags are powered by transceivers in the toll gates and operate without batteries. The transponder on the tag helps store and retrieve data remotely.

The tag is pasted to the vehicle’s windscreen and each time a vehicle passes through the toll gate Dh4 is deducted from the individual’s salik account.

A person can hold multiple salik accounts under his name and funds could be transferred from one account to another in case of a single owner.