Dubai: Getting a No-Objection-Certificate from your employer to get a driving license has just got easier — and much quicker.

This week, the emirate’s Roads and Transport Authority (RTA) set up an online system enabling employers to issue NOCs to employees seeking to obtain driving licenses.

The new move means that NOCs can be issued in less than three minutes. It will gradually phase out the existing paper-based transactions.

“The system saves the time of the applicant... besides saving the hassles of preparing and endorsing letters and enhancing the governance of transactions,” said Jamal Assada, Director of Drivers Licensing at RTA’s Licensing Agency.

To issue NOCs online, employers must sign-up on the RTA website and open an account.

Licence lengths

From July 1, new rules on issuing and renewing driving licences were put in place all over the UAE.

Under the new rules, the first driving licence issued for drivers aged 21 and above — whether citizens or residents — will be valid for only two years.

When renewed, the licence will be valid for 10 years for citizens and Gulf nationals, and 5 years for other nationalities.

For all nationalities, including citizens, driving licences issued from the ages of 18 must be renewed every year until the driver turns 21.