Dubai Metro and Dubai Bus are the most popular public transport means Image Credit: Supplied

Dubai: The Roads and Transport Authority (RTA) in Dubai has begun the second phase of its ‘Travel Behaviour Survey,’ which will run until February 2024 and will poll about 21,000 residents, labourers, tourists, and non-resident workers via workplace surveys.

The move is part of the RTA’s ongoing efforts to revise its road and transportation strategic plans and improve road and public transportation networks. The goal is to provide a pleasant and safe mobility experience while also keeping up with the Dubai Urban Plan 2040. RTA conducted the first phase of its broad survey from January to June. The second survey phase was launched in response to the requirement to cover larger samples of targeted individuals and families.

RTA had begun the second phase of its survey to collect information about Dubai’s residents, labourers, tourists, visitors, and non-resident workers’ mobility patterns and behaviours. To ensure broad participation, RTA is expanding the survey outreach strategies, including household surveys via face-to-face, internet, and mobile app interviews.

The results will be collated and analysed to produce data that will aid in the update of RTA’s strategic plans for roads and public transportation systems such as the metro, tram, public buses, and marine transport services.

Since we see the public as an important contributor to RTA’s efforts to improve transportation services throughout Dubai, RTA encourages everyone who is approached to respond, as inputs are critical in shaping the future of Dubai’s road and public transit systems, as well as improving connectivity across the city.