190421 salik toll gate
A Salik toll gate. Photo for illustrative purposes Image Credit: Gulf News archives

Dubai: You can now open a Salik account, update personal details, link accounts and pay Salik fines via the Roads and Transport Authority’s (RTA) mobile app Dubai Drive, the RTA announced on Sunday.

Part of the RTA’s continuous digital transition, the update of the app also aims to support the Dubai Government Paperless Strategy.

According to the RTA, the five new Salik-related services added to the app are: opening a personal account, adding or updating a number to Salik account, linking Salik account with RTA account, checking and paying fines, and registering customer objections to offences reported.

The update adds to the convenience of the motorists as the existing features of the app were restricted mainly to the top-up of Salik accounts and indicating the locations of Salik toll gates.

“Dubai Drive app had been designed to reflect ideas and suggestions of the public as we are keen to ensure that our services measure up to customer needs and expectations. Launching more smart services will boost Dubai Government Paperless Strategy 2021,” said Maher Shirah, Director of Smart Services, at RTA’s Corporate Technology Support Services Sector.

He added that using the app motorists can now avail an array of services such as vehicle licensing, payment of traffic fines, drivers licensing, smart parking revealing vacant parking slots, and obtaining approvals from RTA to certain transactions.