Abu Dhabi Police have warned motorists to avoid tailgating and reckless driving behaviour. Image Credit: Abu Dhabi Police

Abu Dhabi: Abu Dhabi Police called upon motorists to avoid reckless driving behaviour after more than 45,000 tailgating violations were detected in Abu Dhabi Emirate last year.

In a statement, the Police explained that tailgating can result in accidents, and is one of the main reasons behind many road traffic incidents.

Penalties and fines

In case an accident occurs as a result of tailgating, the violating vehicle will be impounded, and it will only be released if the owner pays Dh5,000 towards its release within a three-month period. If this amount is not paid, the vehicle will be auctioned, as stipulated in Law No 5 of 2020 in Abu Dhabi, the Police warned.

In addition, a Dh400 fine, and four traffic black points, can also be imposed on tailgaters, in accordance with Traffic Law No 178 of 2017.

A video clip shared on social media by Abu Dhabi Police shows a number of tailgating violations, especially on the fastest lane. As a result of the tailgating, other motorists can be seen changing lanes to avoid the harassment. This distracting behaviour greatly increases the risk of serious accidents.

Unstable weather

In addition, motorists must be extra careful during unstable weather. In fact, motorists must maintain greater distance from vehicles ahead of them during period of poor visibility, including during foggy and rainy conditions, the Police explained.