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RTA invites private sector to submit proposals for the construction of 1500 bus shelters RTA Image Credit:

Dubai: Dubai’s Roads and Transport Authority (RTA) has invited private companies in the UAE and abroad to submit proposals for constructing around 1,500 bus shelters in several districts of Dubai.

“This initiative is in line with the vision of our leaders to promote public-private partnership (PPP) to increase people happiness and improve their living standards. With the rising urbanisation and development drive in Dubai, RTA is keen on extending and improving the level of service to residents and visitors of the Emirate, especially public transport users, to offering them safe and smooth transit experience,” said Mattar Al Tayer, director-general and chairman of the board of executive directors of RTA.

The shelters will be built over the course of two to three years, he added.

“This strategic initiative has great potentials for interested private firms... The prospective developer will cater to the operation and maintenance of these shelters for 10 years, renewable to a similar period, against the use of advertising rights in those shelters.”

RTA invited local and international firms to submit proposals for innovative revenue models including, but not limited to, advertising. Such models have to integrate with the right-of-way and the smart city drive to ensure an enhanced customer service experience, RTA said.

Submissions will be sorted based on technical and financial capabilities of bidders and proposed revenue plans. Bidding documents are available at RTA’s website (, and the process will be in line with the applicable practices of e-tenders.