Operations Control Centre of the Roads and Transport Authority in Dubai Image Credit: Supplied

Dubai: The Roads and Transport Authority has accelerated the average response time during emergencies and increased the satisfaction of Dubai Metro users by launching a project to enhance communication and coordination between the Operations Control Centre (OCC) and the Maintenance Control Centre (MCC).

Hassan Mohammed Al Mutawa, Director of Train Operations at RTA’s Rail Agency, said the main objective of this project is to quicken the response time in case services, assets or systems are affected, ultimately enhancing passenger services.

“Since its recent launch, the project has contributed to facilitating the process of communication and coordination between the OCC and the MCC in accelerating the completion of repair work, allowing employees and technicians to coordinate and repair services faster,” added Al Mutawa.

Data from drills

He explained that the project was carried out in several phases. The first phase involved studying and testing the response strategy for repairing faults. This was followed by a pilot phase where comprehensive exercises were conducted over a period of four weeks to ensure the success of the project. Afterwards, a weekly plan was prepared for experimental exercises, with over 20 drills completed successfully. These drills produced valuable data that can be used to improve the Dubai Metro’s services in the future.

Al Mutawa emphasised that the Rail Agency is fully committed to achieving the RTA’s vision of becoming a leader in easy and sustainable transportation and ensuring that its services are provided consistently. The initiative aims to improve cooperation and coordination between control centres, thereby enhancing operational efficiency and ensuring a safe and comfortable transportation experience for passengers.

Wallace Weatherill, Managing Director, Keolis MHI, which is responsible for operating and maintaining the Dubai Metro and Dubai Tram, emphasised the importance of effective communication and coordination to ensure a smooth metro transportation service. He expressed his belief that their partnership with RTA focuses on providing expertise and knowledge to overcome challenges and provide practical solutions quickly. This reflects their commitment to operational excellence, driven by the pursuit of customer satisfaction.

Weatherill added that RTA and Keolis MHI are dedicated to enhancing the response time to breakdowns, improving accident management, and providing exceptional transportation services.