Dubai Taxi
A maximum two passengers are now allowed in taxi in Dubai to prevent coronavirus spread. Image Credit:

Dubai: While the Supreme Committee of Crisis and Disaster Management has announced on Thursday evening the partial easing of restrictions on movement in Dubai, the public is reminded of the continuation of strict precautionary and preventive measures.

One such measure is limiting the number of people inside a car. According to the Roads and Transport Authority (RTA), only two passengers are allowed in one taxi. The Dubai Police also earlier announced that only three persons are allowed in private car, meaning the driver plus two passengers.

The rationale is to observe some physical distancing inside the vehicle and everyone is required to wear a mask at all times.

Passengers had earlier been directed to use the rear seat and consider opening the window (at times) to improve air circulation.

The RTA has also taken all precautionary measures to ensure the safety of drivers and passengers.

Taxis are sanitised daily while door handles, seats and steering wheels are frequently sterilised.

Restrictions on movement from 10pm-6am

As part of the first phase of easing of restrictions, the stringent curbs on public movement will now be limited to the period between 10pm and 6am. During this period, the public will be allowed to leave their homes only for medical emergencies.

Authorities said residents will be able to leave their homes between 6am and 10pm without a permit, but the public will be required to strictly follow precautionary measures, including maintaining physical distance from others and wearing a face mask. Those who do not wear a mask will be subject to a fine of Dh1,000.