Abu Dhabi: The Municipality of Abu Dhabi City has revamped about 3 million metres of Zebra Lines and sidewalk pavements on several roads for enhancing the traffic safety.

The roads in the municipality's jurisdiction (both on the island and in the main land) has about 2.8 million metres of zebra lines and 8.5 million square metres of sidewalk pavements, according to the statistics made until the beginning of 2010, said a statement.

The Municipality began the revamping of Zebra Lines in 2009 that included the repainting of 165 junctions in the city, starting with the Corniche Street which witnesses high traffic.

The project includes marking the pedestrian crossing properly and lowering pavement heights to fit people of all ages. The level of pedestrian crossing areas has been raised to minimize the speed of the vehicles.

The work is up and running to revamp the pavement marking and repainting track demarcating lines, pedestrian crossings and ground arrows.

The Municipality of Abu Dhabi City called on motorists to slow down at the pedestrian crossings to give attention and priority for pedestrians. It also urged pedestrians to cross the roads only through the designated pedestrian crossings and pay full attention to the pedestrian traffic signals. The Municipality requested the cooperation of road users to curtail accidents whose victims are mostly pedestrians.