A road accident in Abu Dhabi
Screengrab of a road accident in Abu Dhabi. Image Credit: Abu Dhabi Police / Instagram screengrab

The Abu Dhabi Police have posted a video on their social media channels in order to highlight the dangers of not leaving sufficient space between vehicles while driving on UAE roads.

The video, posted on Saturday under the police's '#YourComment' initiative, shows a sudden traffic build-up on an unidentified highway. The clip shows several vehicles screeching to a halt, with some even using the road shoulder to avoid hitting the vehicle ahead.

One particular driver, in a four-wheel drive car fails, to stop and swerves into the road shoulder. The car can be seen crashing into the side of a vehicle ahead and veering into a different lane with two of its left wheels on the road shoulder and the other two in the air. It comes to a dangerous stop ahead of the vehicle it crashed into and hits another car on the side. It is not immediately clear how many vehicles were damaged in the crash.