A composite image showing the various stages of a partial solar eclipse visible in the UAE on Thursday. Image Credit: Gulf News Archive

Dubai: The mega solar eclipse took place on Thursday at 8.53 am.

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So what did it mean for you and me?

An eclipse from an astrology perspective

"Before we get into details of an eclipse let us try and get some basics right," says Kartik Gor, Vedic astrologer and Vastu consultant. "Eclipse is like a rain and depending on your position and location the impact is good or bad. Remember the planet sun is 400 times larger than the moon, but also that much farther hence the sun looks the same size as the moon in the sky. An Eclipse is nothing but a shadow created by the angle between planet sun and the moon."

Watch the solar eclipse in UAE

According to experts, the shadow created by the eclipse impacts us human beings in good and bad ways. It is worth noting that prayer times are aligned to the creation of shadow in most religions, dawn, noon, evening and night to fight impurity.

"In astrology we believe that the shadow is indicated by planet Saturn which causes impurity to body or mind," said Gor.

So what happens when the body and mind becomes impure

  1. When eclipse creates impurity to body, your wealth and reputation is damaged
  2. Health can be impacted as well

There are 10 types of eclipse

In reality, there are 10 types of eclipse which take place in the skies. But the only ones visible to our eye are three types.

As we see, sign Sagittarius has got Sun & Moon together conjoining a node (Ketu) which causes a Solar eclipse.

The solar eclipse impact

  • Sign Sagittarius is the impact point and natives/countries having bad combinations in this sign will feel the impact depending on the combinations and lordships. Kindly note this is not based on” Western Astrology”, this is based on your birth chart.
  • Those having planets in Mula nakshatra will see an impact too, the impact is not always bad.
  • Sun, Moon, Ketu, Mercury, Saturn and Jupiter are aligned together in Sagittarius which is a rarity, there will be an impact on cashflow and foreign relations in 2020.
  • The impact will be seen in sign Gemini, Virgo and Pisces too since it is being aspected by Sagittarius.
  • Countries with Sagittarius ascendant of 10th house will see change in government or serious economic slowdown.
  • Food industry and Hotels will take a serious hit due to this eclipse though if the owner has a favorable chart it can lead him to riches!

Remedies for the solar eclipse

Eclipse at a basic level impacts our decision making and knowledge is the remedy

  1. The best remedy is to read a page of any Holy book based on your faith.
  2. Donation is best way to keep Saturn away, especially rice and milk.
  3. Take care of kids.
  4. Learn and then teach too, spreading knowledge ensures eclipse has a positive impact on you!

Next year starts with a lunar eclipse and Saturn’s transit to Capricorn.