A video grab of one of the teenagers climbing over the railing and doing a backflip from the bridge. Image Credit: Video grab

Dubai: Police have identified and arrested the group of youngsters who jumped off the Dubai Water Canal bridge, an official said.

After a video of their stunt went viral on social media, the three youngsters were detained shortly after Major General Abdullah Khalifa Al Merri, Commander-in-Chief of Dubai Police, ordered legal action against them for their reckless behaviour.

Brigadier Abdullah Khadim, director of Bur Dubai police station, said the video showed two teenagers jumping from the bridge just before sunset, one of them doing a back-flip jump while wearing a white Kandoura.

“Two people jumped and there were others encouraging them to jump while recording the video using a mobile phone camera. [The] Commander-in-Chief has ordered [us] to take legal action as their action endangered their lives. The bridge is not for such activities,” Brigadier Khadim said.

A team of officers identified the three youngsters within a few hours and summoned for investigation at Bur Dubai police station.

“We summoned them for questioning and they will sign papers promising not to repeat the act again. There might be another action against the three youngsters,” he added.

He said the third young man in the video, who was recording, encouraged them to jump.

“Such behaviour is not accepted and we will stand against it to protect the lives of young people who sometimes [act] without thinking of the results of their acts. Parents should monitor their children also and know their friends; the two teenagers were encouraged to jump by another person,” Brigadier Khadim added.

The Roads and Transport Authority in Dubai declined to comment on the incident when contacted by Gulf News.