190210 police sharjah
Police sharjah Image Credit: Aghaddir Ali/Gulf News

Sharjah: A 17-year-old Arab girl threatened to jump off the roof of a building in Sharjah, but was saved by the quick actions of police.

The girl was attempting suicide from the roof of the building where she lives with her family in Al Nahda area in Sharjah; a huge crowd had gathered below.

When the rescue team was called, they rushed to the spot. In coordination with Civil Defence officers, the police team rescued the distraught girl by talking about what was bothering her and saying they would help her solve those issues.

After she was talked off the ledge, the girl was transported to a hospital for a check-up.

The police believe she was threatening to commit suicide because of family problems. The incident is being investigated by officers at Al Buhairah police station.

The police have urged all parents to keep an eye on their children and help them solve problems before they take a tragic turn.