Dubai: Sharjah Police Headquarters said that it will launch, in cooperation with Emirates Auction a public auction on a new package of distinguished vehicle number plates.

The auction will be held at 4 pm, on November 16, at Al Jawaher Reception and Convention Centre.

Fifty private vehicle plates with distinctive numbers are available for bidding, all of which are category 3, including one-digit vehicle number plate, four two-digit vehicle number plates, 16 three-digit vehicle number plates, 16 four-digit vehicle number plates and 13 five-digit vehicle number plates.

Among the most prominent vehicle number plates is number “9” as this is the only one-digit number plate available for bidding.

The other distinguished vehicle number plates featured in this auction are; (16), (88), (25), (444), (343), (6000), (1111), (6666), in addition to several number plates that may refer to favoured dates or numbers for a large number of those interested.