190503 abandoned cars
Abandoned cars often have their number plates removed so that the owners are difficult to trace and they may have parts missing, such as windows or mirrors, and may also be beyond repair. Image Credit: Gulf News archives

Sharjah: Sharjah Police in coordination with Sharjah Municipality has seized 123 abandoned cars during the second week of a campaign against abandoned cars.

Dubbed ‘Do Not Neglect Your Vehicle’, the campaign will continue for three weeks. Lieutenant Colonel Ahmad Al Merri, Director of the Community Police Department at Sharjah Police, said the campaign will focus on abandoned cars left unattended for long periods of time, do not have number plates or were parked in prohibited locations.

The confiscated cars were sent to police and municipality confiscations yard. This brings the total number of cars seized to 153 as 30 cars were seized during the first week.

Warning stickers were also posted on vehicles to give them 48 hours to move the vehicle, or else risk confiscation.

Lt Col Al Merri said: “Some people abuse the spaces available in front of shops and parks while leaving their vehicles unattended. Some even offer their vehicles for sale at these places. These will be removed as it is a breach of law.”